If you want it to last, Pre-treatment is Essential!

Aluminium pre-treatment is an essential step in aluminium preparation and processing. It serves a number of functions including:

  • Cleaning the surface of the aluminium.
  • Etching the surface for the chromate and powder to adhere to.
  • White aluminium rust prevention

Aluminium Treatment

Acid Etching

We use hydro-fluoric acid to give aluminium products an etch; this allows the subsequent chromate and powder to bond strongly to the ally.  The acid etching aluminium treatment is important because if the aluminium is not etched, the powder coat will chip and peel off easily.


Aluminium Treatment

Chromate Conversion

As one of the only two corrosion protection chemicals listed in the Australian Standards Powder Coating Handbook that are suitable for the pre-treatment of exterior use aluminium, Coastal Powder Coating use chrome to treat our aluminium products. This process stops oxidisation, by preventing moisture creeping through to the metal, which is a risk in coastal areas such as the Gold Coast due to the salt air and humidity.

We ensure that all our products, services and advice are based around the local Gold Coast surroundings.

Chrome has proven time and time again, decade after a decade during lab testing to last up to 4,000 hours of saltwater spray, which is twice as much as a non-chrome products lasts under the same conditions.

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