Powder Coat Stripping Services for Aluminium and Steel


Our chemical paint stripping tank has been designed mainly for alloy rims however we can also strip any other parts that can fit in it.

The chemical paint stripper breaks the bond between the coating and the metal so it just lifts off in a skin.  Aluminium is a soft metal and abrasive blast cleaning is not suitable.  When you abrasive blast aluminium you get a very deep blast profile which can start eating into the metal.  Chemical stripping is very gentle on aluminium.

**** Please note that we can only strip PURE aluminium products.  Metals such as magnesium and manganese alloys will dissolve in our chemical stripper.  We have to watch for this especially with older cars parts ***


Installed a few months ago, our steel burn off oven is the quickest way to remove powder coating from steel.   Powder coating takes a lot of sand  blasting to remove it.  Very time consuming and blasting is an expensive process.

Our burn off oven heats the steel up to 600c, this turns the powder coating to dust which in turn is then very easy to blast off.  The burning process also annihilates any other contaminates such as oil, grease, silicon, glue, stickers etc.

Only steel can be burned in our oven because of its high melting point.  Aluminium will melt at 600c.

Steel Burn Off

Before Burning

These previously coated steel items would take a long time to blast, but after a burn in the oven, all that coating, stickers etc come straight off.

Steel Burn Off

After burning

Now that the steel has been burnt, it goes into the sandblast booth to be taken back to raw steel

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