Quality Assurance

Although we are experts in the field of powder coating, we are unable to offer a guarantee for

*Previously powder coated items

*Anodised Aluminium, Colourbond, Chrome or Imported Metal

* Second hand items

* Items that have come in direct contact with wax, sticky tape, oil, silicon etc

The Finish quality is directly related to the surface quality that is provided to us.   When the above items reach metal temperature in our ovens, that is when the opportunity arises for contaminates to seep out and destroy the powdercoat finish.  We cannot be held responsible for this but we do take many steps prior to coating to try to prevent this.  If however, you require a re-coat through no fault of ours, you will be charged at the standard rate.

Completion Times

Job turnaround times can vary from 1-10 days depending on numerous factors.

For the most part we can meet our customers completion dates. However, we will not be held liable to costs incurred should we be unable to meet a completion date.

An ‘estimated’ completion time should be used as a guideline, it is not a guarantee.

Design Consideration and Hanging Holes

Items built without using correct consideration for powder coating will be re-coated at the customer’s expense.

Design considerations include but not limited to include tight areas i.e. Faraday caging on louvre blades too close together etc.

Items must be drilled appropriately so the items to be coated can be hung up.  Please ask our staff if you are unsure where to drill the holes.

Items without hanging holes will have holes drilled at the most convenient location for CPC

Colour Selection

Any purchase orders without a colour will not be accepted.

Coastal Powder Coating does not select or match colours for our clients.  We can provide you with colour charts from our various suppliers for you to choose from.

Please remember to submit a valid Powder Colour and NOT a wet paint colour.

Although we have a vast array of powders in stock, we cannot stock all colours from the Dulux, Akzo or Oxytech range.  If the powder you require is not one we stock, we can order it in but will charge you for the full amount.